Beginner Friendly Yoga, Littlehampton

Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm

Classes run as 6-week series’ (drop-ins may be available if space)

Large Hall, Southfields Jubilee Centre, Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK

Beginner Friendly Yoga with Sharon

  • Practice gentle yoga flow
  • Create a strong and flexible body
  • Stress less and enjoy life more
  • Learn key concepts and postures
  • Have fun!

Each class is well balanced with both flowing and stable postures.

  • Classes typically start reclined to ground and bring awareness to the breath, connecting you to the present moment
  • You’ll gently warm up with floor-based movements
  • Then, you’ll practice slow beginner-friendly sun salutations to link movement and breath, further warm the body, and stretch and strengthen all major muscle groups
  • A series of standing and balancing postures will ground and strengthen
  • Then, it’s back to floor-based postures, this time to hold stretches and cool the body back down
  • You’ll end reclined in Savasana for final rest and relaxation and to absorb the effects of the practice

Please note: You need to be comfortable with getting up and down off your mat, and you will be moving your whole body. You are strongly encouraged to modify anything that doesn’t feel good, and to rest as needed.

Please bring a slip-resistant yoga mat.

Booking is essential.

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Any questions, please email [email protected]


Sharon is a great teacher and brings a stillness within the room. I am new to yoga but love the classes and it really has stilled my mind, brought back some strength and flexibility to body, and I have been able to transfer some of the practices to other aspects of my life! Thank you Sharon!

Perfect for beginners. Sharon has a lot of knowledge and demonstrates amazing techniques and different strength options to meet individual abilities.”

I have recommended Sharon’s class to all my friends. It’s a very friendly class and Sharon is a superb teacher!

Nearly there!

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